5 Best Android Assistant Apps | Updated 2018

Android Assistant Apps

After the introduction of Apple Siri app for the iPhone 4S on 14 Oct 2011, it became a popular and integral part of the Apple futures. One of the best virtual assistants for smartphones. Siri performs lots of tasks on the iPhone like text messages, making a call with someone, searching your query on the web browser, scheduling a meeting, get a weather reports regular update, and much more with just one voice command myfreecams.


It is an app, but it behaves like funny for your foolish questions Suppose if you were on the Android platform and you know there are many collections of Android apps out there in Google Play Store. But, if you were looking for the best android assistants you might get many apps like Siri out there in Google Play Store. Also, make live video chat on Bazoocam


However, Android fans do not have to be sad anymore because Siri is not the only app which is virtual android assistant capable of performing quick tasks with just your quick voice command. There are similar and some even better application available for Android platform on Google Play Store.

Below is a list of alternatives apps for Apple Siri on the Google Play Store.

1. Robin – the Siri Challenger

Robin is one of the original “Siri Challenger”  and also a good Android Assistant. Robin is a lightweight and compact digital android assistant app. The app is extremely fast in booting time and becomes ready to use at all. It provides all the basic features like calling, text messages, email services, adding contact and perform many other things which you want, Just tap on microphone button, and Robin will be all ears that you speak. said “wave hello” twice in front of your device’s upper edge.

Note: If you don’t install Google voice then install it from Google Play Store.

Download this app on Google Play Store:


The basic interface of Robin – the Siri Challenger:

  • This is how Robin reacts on various actions.
  • This is “Help Topics” in Robin application.

Robin app deserves the spot for the mention; it does support all gestures you can assign to specific gestures for an application. Like all the Siri alternative application, it is a great learner of your voice commands and one of the best virtual android assistant app out there.

2. Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo app is your own mobile assistant we can say that also “Android Assistant”. It works like Robin application. Carry her with you wherever you want to do. She adds the feature like fun to your daily tasks and other activities. Just talk to her as talking with human, Indigo app will understand. She might even give her personal opinion as per your requirement…

Indigo app is an android voice assistant who tells jokes, reads a news, controls your music system, manages calendar, manage reminders, translation, provide directions, searches on YouTube, finds restaurants and much more.

Download this app on Google Play Store:


Indigo is connected to social media like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Images, Maps, World Weather Online, Street view, YouTube, Google Translate, Wolfram Alpha and more.

It will be connected with social networks, and it provides the latest update on your timeline with your commands.

3. Jarvis – My Personal Assistant

This application, not the same Jarvis that in Ironman uses in the Marvel movies, but it also works like it. Jarvis is one of the best virtual android assistants you will ever download on your android devices. Jarvis talks with you like a friend and keeps your update with the latest news and activity. Jarvis can also control your smartphone’s settings and perform various tasks on quick voice command.

NoteJarvis is currently supported only English language. If you want full version without In-App purchases, then please check out PRO version.

Download this app on Google Play Store:


Features of Jarvis app:

  • Widget support
  • Wearable support
  • WakeUp Alarms
  • Calls & Messages
  • CloudVoice Dynamic conversations
  • People reminder
  • Contextually Aware
  • Privacy

4. Pocket Assistant

The pocket Assistant app is also the virtual android assistant, Features a fully 3D modeled virtual android assistant which reacts to your questions and give the best solution. Although this feature makes the assistant application for android look like cartoon design, There are 4 characters in an app. so, you can also change their appearance. The app tries to give a human face to the virtual assistant. The animations are the best for User Interface. The free version of the app comes with IAPs and ads.

What Pocket Assistant can do?

  • I talk to in the English language.
  • Interested in everything you love
  • Having fun and can play or dance with you
  • Smart and will help you with your phone
  • Lots of spare time – just for you
  • Dress for any occasion – just tell me, what to wear

Download this app on Google Play Store:


5. AIVC (Alice)

This is the free version of AIVC. Alice is a basic learner from your day to day voice commands. There is also a Pro version of AIVC with additional features and NO ADS. It includes the ability to ask for simple things like starting the various application that is on your device, the weather, time, calendar, reminders, solution of math problems, and much more. You can also ask it for fun facts about the stock market, and more. Of course, it also includes the basics function like calling, sending text messages, navigation, and alarms.

Alice is your personal android assistant. It is the helpful assistant for Android users at hand, which is understood more than voice commands.

Download this app on Google Play Store:


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